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Does your child struggle to solve word problems? Fear fractions? Reach for a calculator to multiply or divide? Use their fingers to add or subtract?

These are signs that your child may have used memorization, or rote learning, as a substitute for conceptual understanding, or meaningful learning. Many classrooms confuse memorization with conceptual understanding in the elementary grades, leaving students unable to apply their learning and unprepared for the abstract nature of mathematics taught in middle school, high school and beyond.

We teach math through visual models, hands-on activities and leading questions to facilitate meaningful learning that students can transfer to new contexts and use to solve problems. While rote learning often compels students to become dependent on teachers and regard mathematics as mysterious, meaningful learning helps students to become more confident, independent and successful.

Factors of twelve with rectangular tile arrays

Rectangular arrays show all of the factors of twelve.

Averages with cube arrangements

Averages are modeled with cube arrangements and drawn on a graph.


  • Lessons are one hour
  • Starting at $65
  • In-home options available
  • 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Monday through Thursday*
  • *Saturdays are available for in-home appointments

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Ten-frames teach addition and subtraction in relation to ten, facilitating mental math.

Tile arrangements representing odd and even numbers

A tile pattern reveals the rules of addition and subtraction for odd and even numbers.

Tutoring Options

Math Tutoring

$65 / hour
$85 / hour for in-home tutoring

For students currently enrolled in a mathematics course

Personal, supplemental instruction featuring a visual and tactile approach to concept mastery

Math Instruction

$85 / hour
$105 / hour for in-home instruction

For students NOT currently enrolled in a mathematics course

Comprehensive math instruction including lessons, assignments, projects and assessment

About the Tutor

Eric Bennett, M.Ed.

  • 13+ years of classroom teaching experience including Middle School Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and Pre-Calculus
  • SBEC-certified teacher in high school mathematics through Calculus
  • 8+ years of experience teaching and leading technology-driven summer camps
  • 3+ years of experience tutoring middle- and high-school math
  • First student in the history of Texas State University to earn credit by examination for upper-division courses in Linear and Abstract Algebra