3D Game Development in Unity

Level 3

3D Game Development in Unity

Ages: 12+

Recommended: Experience with JavaScript or C#

Step into the shoes of a professional video game developer! In this summer camp, students will use the industry-leading Unity engine and the C# programming language to develop a 3D platform game.

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C# is an object-oriented programming language among the most popular in the world.

Unity is a powerful, versatile game development platform used in the creation of a broad, diverse library of commercial games such as Cuphead and Hearthstone.


In this course, students will develop a 3D platform game featuring objects, scripts, materials, scenes and sound effects.

Key Concepts

Through this course, students will use variables and expressions, conditional logic, functions and methods, C# and the Unity engine to develop a 3D platform game.

For this course, it is recommended that students have previous experience with JavaScript or C#.