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20% off all Summer Camps

Through March 31st
Full-day or half-day

Learn a new programming language. Develop a video game. Build a website. Produce a video project.

Your future begins now.

Technology education is our priority. Through exciting projects in computer programming and video game development, students learn forward-thinking computer science and problem-solving skills.

Real-world tools, a 6 to 1 student to teacher ratio, integrated math instruction and project-based learning come together to forge a technology education experience that is authentic, personal, creative and accessible.


Summer camps for the next generation

Our technology-driven summer camps deliver in-demand computer programming and mathematics concepts through compelling, challenging projects. Choose from full-day and half-day courses in computer science, video game design and more.

What are the advantages of project-based learning? Project-based learning facilitates meaningful learning that can be transferred to new contexts and used to solve problems. Learn more at Lake Travis STEM Academy

Check out our course catalog for detailed information about all of our summer camp options.

Computer Science

  • Intro to Python Programming
  • Web Design
  • Build a Computer
  • Python Programming
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Web Game Programming

Video Game Design

  • Minecraft Modding
  • Intro to Game Design
  • 2D Game Design
  • Virtual Reality Coding
  • 3D Game Development in Unity
  • Mobile Game Development in Unity

Digital Media

  • Digital Photography
  • Video Production for YouTube

Summer Camps

Concept-driven math instruction

Understanding mathematics involves much more than memorizing rules or formulas. Through visual models and project-based learning, we teach conceptual understanding to help students become confident, independent and successful.

How is mathematics integrated within our computer science courses? Since the math concepts integral to computer programming are typically not taught in elementary school, we have developed a unique math curriculum. Learn more at Alt Ed Austin

Check out Math for Computer Science, our free online curriculum, to get started.


  • Visual Math Tutoring
  • Math for Computer Science
  • Math and Logic Games

Math Tutoring

About the Director

Eric Bennett, M.Ed.

  • 13+ years of classroom teaching experience including Technology, Digital Media, Mathematics, Fine Art and Physical Education
  • SBEC-certified teacher in high school mathematics through Calculus
  • 8+ years of experience teaching and leading technology-driven summer camps
  • 3+ years of experience tutoring middle- and high-school math
  • ACSM-certified personal trainer


We serve families from Austin, Cedar Park, Lakeway, Round Rock and Leander

Located on the outskirts of northwest Austin near 620 and Anderson Mill

3315 El Salido Pkwy
Cedar Park, TX 78613

On the campus of Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church


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20% off all Summer Camps

Through March 31st
Full-day or half-day


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10% off all orders over $100

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Eric Bennett | Director